Memorial Scholarships

Thank you for choosing to honor an individual with your gift. You may honor someone with a gift to any fund, but there are also a number of Memorial and Honorary Scholarships here at Saddleback College Foundation.  Please take some time to read about our Memorial scholarships.
Alan Lugena, M.A. Memorial Art Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was established in the memory of Alan Lugena, Community Education Art instructor, by his students and friends. Alan was an amazing artist who loved sharing his gifts with others. 
Ben Orel Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Ben became a Saddleback College student late in life. He participated in campus activities that promoted equal rights for all students. Ben's wish was to provide financial assistance to deserving minority students at the College.  
Catherine Orrison Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Catherine Orrison re-entered college in 1966, long after her B.S. to learn "data-processing," a new field. When her first professor announced the women in the class "would probably fail" she tutored every one. All passed. She later designed and administered the first database for that college's district. Through this award, her daughter, Saddleback College professor Alannah Rosenberg, honors her mother's deep commitment to women's education. 
Colin Tuohey Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is presented to a student who has a GPA of 2.5 or better and has financial need. 
Dale Belyea Memorial Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Provided for a current nursing student in Memory of Dale Belyea by his wife, nursing instructor Barbara Belyea, and their family and friends.  
Donald R. Zimbalist Memorial Scholarship
This award is given in memory of Donald, a lifelong and distinguished professor of literature, writing and film studies. He was always concerned with bringing out the latent potential for brilliance in his students. This scholarship is provided to a transfer student embarking on a career in either teaching or writing. 
Dr. Rufus Lee Platt Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Rufus Lee Platt, and is awarded to an education major. 
Dr. William "Bill" Jay Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Bill Jay, and is awarded to a student from the Health Sciences academic division who has demonstrated financial need and holds a 2.5, or above, GPA. A single parent student is preferred.
Eric Holke Memorial Osher Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship is presented to a veteran in loving memory of Eric Holke by his family. Eric was killed in 2007 while serving his country in Iraq.  
Eleanor Greenberg Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship provides help to a student majoring in fine arts who has financial need, and is made in memory of Eleanor Greenberg.  
Gary S. Stakan Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Created by Gary's son, Scott, along with Gary's colleagues in Counseling services, this award recognizes 40 incredible years as a teacher, administrator and counselor. This award is presented to a student seeking a future career in education, whether teaching or counseling. 
Gertrude Baker Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a student in the nursing program, who has financial need, and is awarded in memory of Gertrude Baker. 
Harry Wandling Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship is presented in Memory of Harry Wandling, and is for a student at the College in financial need. 
Howard Bergman Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was established in memory of a former Saddleback College counselor. Howard never lost sight of his purpose to serve the needs of the students or gave anything less than his very best to ensure their success. Originally funded by family, friends and colleagues, this scholarship has been endowed by the continued generous support of members of the Counseling Services program at the College. 
Janice Jensen Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship honors the memory of Janice Jensen, an Associate Faculty member in Saddleback College’s ESL Department for more than three decades.  Through her work with students and faculty—done with professionalism, creativity, and generosity, she has contributed greatly to the college and to many  lives.  This scholarship recognizes and encourages a promising student with financial need who began his or her studies taking ESL courses at Saddleback College.
Jim Hutchings and Steve Franco Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Parents and friends contributed to  this memorial to help a swimmer or water polo player further his or her education. 
Joan Townsend Memorial Endowed Scholarship
An employee of the college for nearly 25 years, Joan was not only a pillar of this institution; she was a loving mom and doting grandmother. This award is presented to a student in the field of health sciences. The Townsend family wishes to thank ASG for its donation to the scholarship. 
Joanne Grey Memorial Scholarship
Joanne started college at the age of 16 to become a nurse. Her dedication to her nursing education was remarkable as she pursued degrees throughout much of her life. During the course of her career she was a school nurse, public health educator and grant writer. She dedicated her life to the field of nursing - she loved it and lived it. 
Julienne Callahan Greenspan Endowment for the Arts
As a student at Saddleback, Julienne focused her time on journalism. She contributed to the Crow's Nest, a literary campus magazine and ultimately became the editor. Her love of writing continued throughout her life. She also developed an interest in the arts, specifically in drawing, painting and photography. It was with this in mind, that her husband, Donald Greenspan, endowed two scholarships, one for journalism and one for a student majoring in drawing, painting or photography. 
Karen Haight Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Karen was a part-time faculty member in the health sciences department. As a critical care nurse, Karen brought her professional work experience into the classroom setting. She was a dedicated nurse and teacher and an essential player in the development of the nursing critical care course. In her honor, this scholarship will be awarded to a nursing student in financial need with a GPA of 2.5 or greater. 
Monte LaBonte Memorial Endowed Scholarship
The Monte LaBonte Memorial Scholarship was established in 1993 following the passing of Professor LaBonte, longtime Saddleback College music professor and arts advocate.  Monte joined Saddleback College in 1969 and was the first faculty member to integrate multi-media and digital technology into his teaching.  He started the first Saddleback College Community Band in 1982 and put the learning abroad program on the map at Saddleback College, taking multiple classes to Europe to hear music. Monte’s love of music and dedication to his students was fueled by a $25 scholarship he received as a high school senior.  With this endowed scholarship, funded by family, friends and the college community, Monte’s memory is honored by awarding a scholarship to a Saddleback College music student each year. 
Patricia Grignon Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Patricia was a most valued founding member of the college faculty, teaching English and Humanities. Among her greatest legacies is the positive "it can be done" attitude with which she approached her love for the college and dedication to the students. 
Patricia Reilly Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Established in 1986 to honor Patricia's love, warmth and kindness toward others, this scholarship will enable scholastically outstanding students with financial aid to further their education. 
Patrick Moore Memorial Swimming Scholarship
Presented in memory of Patrick Moore, this scholarship honors a student involved with the swim team/swimming. 
Richard Eugene Quirk Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in the memory of Richard Eugene Quirk by his granddaughter. The scholarship is for a continuing student who is currently in the military, or a U.S. veteran, who demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities. 
Rik Beatty Memorial Art Endowed Scholarship
A former student in the art department, Rik will long be remembered for his wonderful zest for life and outstanding talent. The art department faculty selects an art student recipient for this award. 
Robb D. Nimmo Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was established in memory of Robb by his family. This award celebrates Robb's warmth, humor, and his many creative talents. It is presented annually to one or more scholastically outstanding students pursuing a degree in fine arts or communications. 
Robert Allen Sickles Veteran Scholarship
This scholarship is presented in memory of Robert Allen Sickles, who was a Saddleback College student majoring in physics. He was an Iraq/Afghanistan veteran who served in the Air Force.  

Spirit of Mary Lou DeLeva Memorial Scholarship

The family of Mary Lou DeLeva is proud to honor the spirit that Mary Lou exuded during her lifetime through the establishment of the Mary Lou DeLeva Memorial Scholarship.  Mary Lou envisioned this scholarship as a way to support a student who is an active leader at Saddleback College and plans to transfer to a four-year college or university. 

Stacey Kice Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was founded in 1988 in memory of Stacey, to assist nursing students at Saddleback College. Stacey graduated from the nursing program in 1984 and was employed as a RN in pediatrics at Mission Hospital. 
The Dr. Steve Sworder Memorial Mathematics Endowed Scholarship
Established in memory of an excellent Math teacher and friend to many at Saddleback, this scholarship is for a student who has exhibited a high degree of mathematical proficiency. 
The Gillian Marie Sabet Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in loving memory of Gillian, in order to honor and carry on her enthusiasm for life and her spirit of kindness. It is awarded to students who demonstrate extraordinary vitality, generosity and concern for others. 
The Lee B. Waian Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was created by Marisa Diaz-Waian in memory of her father/friend/mentor, Dr. Waian, a college professor and environmental activist for over 30 years. This award is an attempt to recognize Lee's contributions to society and his amazing love for all things wild and free. It is awarded to a student who demonstrates a similar love for nature and a genuine desire to make a difference in the world. 
Tom Gaines Memorial Art Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship honors Tom, awarding a student whose personal achievement and growth in the ceramic arts exceeds requirements by striving to reach his or her potential therough hard work and perseverence. 
Tom Padberg Memorial Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship was establised in memory of Tom by his wife, Nancy. Tom was an enthusiastic supporter of Saddleback College Athletics and the Foundation. This scholarship is awarded to an athlete who exhibits qualities of leadership and integrity. 
Walter "Wally" Johnson Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in loving memory of Wally, and supports students that are involved in any aspect of sports development, sports management, kinesiology or sports journalism.


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