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Your Gift Changes Lives...

The most valuable gift you can give is the gift of an education. Your support means that students can focus on completing their education instead of working a full-time job in order to pay for college.

Saddleback College Foundation has awarded $6.6 million in scholarships and grants to more than 5,700 students since 1990. Your giving allows them to continue their studies so they can realize their dreams. Thank you for changing lives with your generosity. 

Give to the Foundation Scholarship Fund

The Foundation Scholarship Fund is a flexible fund designed to help as many students in need as possible throughout the year. This is a great way to make a meaningful, immediate impact in the lives of our students. Click here to make a donation to the Foundation Scholarship Fund

Give to a Named Scholarship

You can also choose to establish an annual scholarship in your name or in honor or memory of a loved one with a gift greater than or equal to $525. Please call (949) 582-4479 if you want more information about setting up a new scholarship. Click here to make a donation to an existing named scholarship

Create an Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship endowments enable you to award scholarships in perpetuity. A minimum donation of $12,500 is required to establish an endowment and can be made in a one-time gift or pledged over a three-year period. The principal is invested and the investment growth is available to award each year. Please call (949) 582-4479 if you want more information about endowments.

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